by Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

"Hippie in heels" Rachel is a girly girl in the hippie heartland of India. She left a nursing career to start a new life in Goa, where she stays with her boyfriend, two rescue dogs and a cat.

Goa International Airport (GOI)
Best time: Nov-Mar
Ideal duration: 2 weeks

Baba Au Rhum

Insta-Worthy Food

Authentic restaurants opened by expats are everywhere in Goa. Get a snap of the burgers at Baba Au Rhum in Anjuna - tourists love them!

Ashwem Beach

Best Hangouts

A hotspot where even cows like to relax, Ashwem Beach has food and drink shacks, and lovely shops for silk dresses and swimsuit coverups.

Vagator Beach

Killer Insta Opps

This sign near Oltremarino colourfully points out world travel destinations. The nearby clifftop is the best sunset spot in Goa as well.


Best Things to Do

Goa is a pretty chill place, packed with water sports. Go to Vaayu and Instagram wakeboarding, kayaking, paddleboarding and surfing.


Best Places to Eat

Thalassa was a small Greek restaurant that got big through visits by Bollywood celebs and cricket stars. Go to see, be seen and party.

Experience Goa for yourself,
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Experience Goa

If you visit India and love it, but find it a bit busy, then you need to go to Goa. It's like living on an island away from the rest of India. The rules here are a little more relaxed. You can eat beef, dress how you like, and party by the sea.

The hippie beach life isn't just for foreigners, like it was back in the seventies. Indians of all ages move here to live the susegad (laidback) lifestyle. Goa has some incredible hidden beaches and hardly any traffic, plus the pace of life is pleasantly languid. What else could you want?
For foodies, regional Goan dishes are delicious. But perhaps surprisingly, the top places to eat here usually serve international food. Many an expat has settled here and opened an authentic restaurant serving traditional food - whether it be Greek, French, Japanese, Thai, Italian or from somewhere else...