by Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

Shivya is an Indian explorer, whose dreams of a nomadic lifestyle led to her quitting her job and chasing her dream of a life of travel, which she posts about on her award-winning blog, "The Shooting Star".

Biju Patnaik International Airport (BBI)
Best time: Oct-Mar
Ideal duration: 14 days

Learning Pottery

Best Culture Shots

Pottery making is an art in rural Odisha, and has been for generations. Capture the magic on Instagram to prolong this traditional craft.

Munda Meals

Insta-Worthy Food

Forget plates and cutlery - try a delicious Munda meal laid out on a leaf, and let these flavours transform any photo into Insta-gold.

Duduma Waterfall

Best Natural Beauty

The waters here are home to vibrant colours whatever time of day you visit. Relax and let them wash all over your Instagram feed.

Hills of Koraput District

Killer Insta Opps

It's rare to find solitude in a country with over one billion people, but when you do - with an enticing sunset to boot - Instagram it.

Cycling in Eastern Odisha

Best Things to Do

Take a cycle through mango orchards, sleepy villages, and rice paddies - you'll soon discover a side of rural India rarely seen online.

Experience Odisha for yourself,
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Experience Odisha

Odisha is a trove of natural gems and rare animals, bound together by tribes who have populated the land for centuries. Its nature reserves are home to dolphins, tropical birds and six-feet-long crocodiles. Any of these will boost your Insta-likes tenfold. That's before you add in rugged mountains and sandy beaches!

Like much of India, local delicacies here will delight any foodie. Top tip - to truly experience the spices and exotic flavours, try serving them with a dreamy Odishan sunrise on the side. The local markets give you the chance to pick up a taste of indigenous culture, even if many regional tribes keep to themselves.
The warmth of its people more than makes up for the less tourist-focused local infrastructure, making Odisha an authentic India travel experience. One of the most genuine you can get...